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Hello, I'm Cheryl P Pinto

What you’re about to read is an extremely personal, never told before, story that Cheryl has decided to share with you, her precious people. Why? Only so that you can see that if she could do it, then so can you.



Cheryl Pinto was born to loving parents, who moved as immigrant workers from India to Dubai. Her parents were from a lower-middle class Indian family. Her father spent months looking for work and would often walk 10-kms to save 30-cents in taxi fare. But eventually both her parents found jobs, her mother working shifts and often seeing very little of her two little girls. Both her parents worked long and hard hours to bring money home and raise their two precious daughters.
Cheryl grew up to become an inquisitive, energetic, high spirited child. On one hot afternoon, Cheryl, now a 12-year old girl, was playing with her sister, glad that both her parents were home that day 😊 That's when she overheard a (life-changing) conversation between her parents.
She overheard her Mom say, in a rather quiet but worried tone, "We have two daughters…. We will need to save a lot of money for them." In the Indian culture, sadly even today, when girls get married, their families give a substantial sum of money to the family of the groom - perhaps as a misguided assurance that the new family will care for their daughters.
Then, she heard her Dad say with a tense tone
"We don't have money & I don’t know about how much we will be able to save for them…."
A tense silence followed.
But then he continued in a somewhat more determined-sounding tone "But what I do know is that I will give them one of the most valuable treasures I can afford…. I will give them the best education I can." Being the curious girl that she was, she went up to her dad and asked “Why education Dada?”
The answer: “Any other type of wealth that I may give you - be it money or gold, someone else can take it away from you. But education is a type of wealth that will always continue to bring you wealth and is something that nobody can ever take away from you.”

Any other type of wealth that I may give you - be it money or gold, someone else can take it away from you. But education is a type of wealth that will always continue to bring you wealth and is something that nobody can ever take away from you.

And on that day, albeit unconsciously, Cheryl's direction and destiny were formed and sealed. Her little mind was now changed with a new knowledge of what she picked up as being two very important things – Education & Money. But Education, being the most important.

Cheryl Education

And so as Cheryl grew, she sought out both of these with a sense of resolute determination. At 16, she took up her first job. At age 26, she had two Masters degrees under her belt, both of which she paid for herself. For 10 years, she worked mornings and studied evenings. She knew that the job would bring the Money & the universities, the Education. Her hunger for education was, however, insatiable. She had a dream – to study at the same university campus & live in the same dorms that Mark Zuckerberg lived in! 😀 In 2014, she made that dream come true – becoming a Harvard alumni, completing their Executive Education - Mastering Negotiations – at the Boston campus (YES! Staying at the same dorms Mark Zuckerberg did!). One of her most prized feathers that she wears in her colorful hat 😊
Even after that, her quest for learning has never stopped. Few of her literary conquests have been:


While she was building up the certifications and qualifications, she was also steadily climbing up the corporate ladder. She had started her career at age 17 as a part time secretary. At age 26, she became the youngest Assistant Vice President at the Bank she worked for. How?!! A question that most people ask her. Her answer: “Attend my workshop ‘Cracking the Career Code and you will have the secret recipe!” 😊 At every job, Cheryl gave her 100%. Cheryl had once read “Always dress for the job that you want to have”. Something she followed as a religion. But that gave her a goal - the next higher position. Her bosses noticed her extraordinary zeal, enthusiasm and inclination to quickly learn what she did not know how to do. She got promoted at an average of once every 2.7 years and has since been lovingly nicknamed “The Career Hacker”.

The Blessed Return-Gift

"I tell you, monks, there are two people who are not easy to repay. Which two? Your mother & father.” - Buddha
And now comes one of the most beautiful moment in Cheryl's life that she feels forever grateful for. Ever since she was a little girl, she always heard her father say with a sparkle in his eyes - “One day I will buy a Land Cruiser”. That was his dream car. Years had turned into decades and with that the dream of him ever owning his dream car faded. My father was now celebrating his 65th birthday.
And Cheryl saw, her golden, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of returning the priceless gift of knowledge that her Dad had given her when she was the 12-year old girl.
The picture below says it all – her Dad’s Birthday gift on his 65th Birthday.
She doesn't share this story with you to impress you, but rather to impress upon you what you too may be able to do for your loved ones. What would you absolutely LOVE to do for your parents, your siblings, your friends, your partner, your children? Her message to you with this story: Even if you’re beginning at nothing, with the right knowledge, powered by the right mindset and direction, everything is possible. Everything IS POSSIBLE.



Now in her early 30s, Cheryl is doing stupendously well in her career, having set up and headed various Business Units at the bank. She knows that if she wishes to, she can now retire if she chooses to.
(Wait! RETIRE in your early 30s? HOW?! That’s what most people ask her too. Her response: “It is a combination of factors – but all relating to two things – Mind & Money. Attend 3M”. Master your Mind & your Money – her signature workshop where she shows you exactly what in your own mind may be sabotaging your own growth and how you too can prepare for and achieve Financial Freedom). To register your interest for her workshop or Mastermind, please drop us a line here so we can have your name on top of that list, as soon as she releases the next course.
She now starts to have that thought that many of us live with “There has to be more to life than this”.
She now starts to have that thought that many of us live with “There has to be more to life than this”.

Her intuition is telling her that her time for taking has ended and that it is now time to give. She does what everyone tells her is the most absurd thing to do – she resigns from her high paying, cushy job and begins her life of service. She is now on her mission to change the world, one person at a time. She has served thousands through her social media, workshops, charity drives, Masterminds and private Coaching. But she says this is just the beginning… “miles to go before I sleep”.

And if you’re still reading this, you are exactly the type of person Cheryl wishes to reach and transform through her work.

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To your Shining Success. Keep that light shining, Rockstar!


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