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Our Clients

Cheryl Pinto has been my life coach for the past 5 months.

I was working in the IT industry for 5 years and felt like I needed a change and pursue a passion I always had but never had the courage to follow. By accident I met Cheryl and we started working together. She has been very successful in her own career – she has walked the walk – corporate professional, high intensity work. So therefore she understood my world. She is very capable with her skills with NLP. Her general good nature and intelligence makes Cheryl very easy to work with. She is very smart. She drove me, pushed me in areas I probably wasn’t comfortable to go but I wanted to go. It’s been absolutely phenomenal. Now I am completely changing career and going on a new journey which I am so excited about. I’ve gone from being minorly depressed to majorly excited about the future. I cant thank Cheryl enough and I can’t recommend her enough. It’s difficult to make major changes without someone there to support you, to guide you and to push you. If you’re looking to make that sort of change or impact, then Cheryl is definitely one of the best I’ve worked with –I know, I’ve tried a few 🙂 Good luck!
Paulo D

At the outset I looked at NLP with a lot of skepticism and it was only because I trusted Cheryl that I decided to give it a shot.

She has the ability to make you believe and it comes very naturally to her. As sessions go by, she makes you comfortable enough to open facets of yourself which you wouldn't share with anyone. This enhances her understanding and empathy of you and enables her to perform the various NLP techniques with great effect. The clarity and pin-pointedness with which Cheryl helped my situation is something which has made me understand and manage myself better. I am a better-focused and more energized version of myself. There are obvious improvements in my speech, body language, mental state of being and most importantly i am a tad bit spiritually enlightened. Hand over your absolute 100% trust to her and she will go beyond what is required to help improve your life. She has the emotional and mental maturity as well as the talent and technique to use her NLP skills and understanding to help channel you in the right direction.
Kunal Bhatia
/ Assistant Vice President- FX, Interest rates & Commodity Derivative Solutions

After I started getting coached by Cheryl my life has changed totally.

I became more open for change, less stressed and happy. My family are happy to have me back, loving and caring. My work has become more stable and I have a chance for professional learning and development. I am still working on my physical fitness and I am optimistic that I will reach my goals. I like Cheryl’s smile, her care, her passion and the way she does follow up of the case and outcomes, in addition I like the different tools that she uses during the session. I have learned some leadership skills and personal skills in addition to the spiritual healing after taking up coaching. Thank you, Cheryl, for your kind care and support.
Dr. H O
/ Dubai Health Authority

Today is just the 18th day since we began our coaching session.

With just 2 sessions, falling short of words to describe the transformation that's taking place in my life. In such short time, i have explored & realized things which i was always struggling with! Wish I had known you before .. Thanks for guiding me to clean up my mind out of fears, worries, limiting beliefs and filling me with hope, confidence, clarity, goals and above all helping me understand myself and my purpose. I always believed that nothing comes easy in life, one needs luck on his side and influence of others. After meeting you, I feel life is so simple and everything is possible and achievable. You truly are God's gift to mankind. You have not only brought change within me but also in my family. Thank you very much!
Avil Pinto
/ Founder, Dubai Job Hunt

Cheryl and I first met in 2010 – she was my senior at work. But Cheryl was more than just a colleague and much more than a friend. She is a companion, confidant, advisor, moral supporter and yes, the best of friends.

When I began working for her, I was an extremely introverted, shy person. She allowed me to be me, but also encouraged me to let loose and open up to enjoy the virtues of life. Brutally honest and sincerity are two of Cheryl’s assets. Her strengths are her patience and listening skills paired with her sense of humor and a touch of class. She will join you for a hearty laugh and give you a no-nonsense straight answer. Her word is good, no exception and she has a great smile. Her circle of friends is special; to be selected or embedded in the circle is an honor. Entertaining and funny, serious and compassionate. No matter what she's doing, she is willing to listen and give you feedback if you want it. A friend in need. For years, Cheryl was there to help me with several personal obstacles and years of self-doubt, for that, I am deeply grateful. My personality, confidence and professional growth - a big part of the credit, I would give it to you Cheryl. People come and go into and out of our lives, but some people's impact lasts forever. Thank you Cheryl.
Sudha Chakkingal
/ Cash Sales Relationship Manager, ADCB

Cheryl has been a friend, mentor and guide for me.

I have worked with Cheryl over the past 14 months and I can term our engagement as a wonderful journey of discovering new things, acquiring new habits and learning how to utilize my 24 hours in the best way possible. The key thing I have learned working with Cheryl is how to replace my current habits with new better habits in a small and gradual manner. Now I am working towards setting new goals for myself and I feel more empowered to achieve them then ever before. I have realized that there is so much to achieve and best way to achieve your goals is to work with people who believe in you (like Cheryl).
Ram S
/ Team Leader at a bank in Dubai

"After attending Cheryl's workshop, I have realized that everything is possible,

however, I'm the only person standing in my own way. I will not allow myown insecturities to stand in the way of my goals, dreams & career path".
testimonial-001 (1)
Adele Lemmer
/ Customer Service Team Leader, DAMAC

Shaliya A

"The workshop with Cheryl was the most useful course I have attended in a really long time."
Shaliya A
/ Team Leader in a bank in the UAE

It was a pleasure working with Cheryl. Since working with her, I have achieved Discipline & Dedication.

The best qualities that Cheryl has are making a person comfortable, listening and advising corrective actions in a positive way. Follow-up, Encouraging and Motivating are some of the things she does regularly, and it makes a big difference. The most important for me was keeping the spirit until we achieved the desired result. Now I am focused on continuously trying to achieve my desired result. Managing my time effectively is one of the key changes I have experienced since coaching with Cheryl. I would definitely recommend Cheryl. I have not reached where I should be, people will follow mostly successful people. I am confident that one day I will be in a position where people will ask me about my journey and I will refer them to take Cheryl’s help to reach their desired outcomes! People should know that they will gain the confidence and openness to express themselves without any hesitation (personal as well as professional) to achieve their target after working with Cheryl. Thank you so much for making a change in my life, Cheryl!!
Santosh Kulkarni
/ Senior Officer at DANWAY Electrical

"I attended Cheryl's workshop "Cracking the Career Code".

Every minute of it was so useful! The 10-steps to career acceleration was AMAZING! It made me realize how much time I have wasted on unwanted, unproductive things. I am going to join Toastmasters today!".
Tina Dsouza
/ Talent Acquisition

I was really looking forward to having a life coach for myself as I felt that its a time for me to work on myself personally and professionally.

Post our session, I had clarity in my thoughts and that helped me a lot in the way I was looking at things. I started making commitments and pushed myself to keep them. A few of the small, but important changes I have already experienced are as below: - I attended Toastmasters meetings as committed - I kept a diary of 3 Daily “To-Do’s” / or a weekly schedule ever since and has been able to follow almost 95%. - I started going for yoga I liked Cheryl’s approach towards me. Cheryl is a kind and non-judgmental person. At the same time, she is very particular. Her openness and non-judgmental attitude helped a lot in allowing me to express myself. She could get me back on track whenever I lost my focus while talking to her. I have become more introspective. This helps me in staying focused on the outcome that I want and constantly working on improving myself to achieve them. I would definitely recommend Cheryl and her services as it is very important to have clarity in terms of what you want in your life and how you can achieve the same. I would recommend her coaching to someone who is seeking these answers or looking for this change in their life.
Amruta Pandit
/ Business Support Manager

Coach Cheryl or a life changer? Well, for me Coach Cheryl is a life changer in the truest sense. My sessions with Coach Cheryl were the basis of my life's transformation.

Under Coach Cheryl’s guidance I started to realize my weaknesses as well as my strengths. I started to identify an ultimate goal of my life, my own habits which were preventing me from achieving it and the habits which I need to inculcate to achieve the best life possible. Things which I like the most about her coaching are: 1. Her friendly and down to earth attitude gives you absolute comfort, which in turn helps you open up and share everything with her. 2. Ideas for Enlightening your subconscious mind. 3. Her unique way to find the answers of your problems by asking you intriguing, intelligent questions. 4. Her constant guidance and hand holding makes sure that her client achieves which they are aspiring for. Work with her and I am sure you will experience the same transformation which I have. Thank you Coach Cheryl.
Rupesh Tanna
/ Standard Chartered Bank, Customer Due Diligence Specialist

I am more confident, happier and hopeful after the sessions with Cheryl. I resigned from my previous job where I couldn’t find my purpose and felt stagnated.

I realized it is ok to dream big and aspire for more even after being a tied down to a job for 10.8 years. I am taking time off to relax; find myself and not stress about being on the run all the time. I liked her positivity and friendliness. I didn’t feel judged and she respected my views and helped me understand things in a smarter way. I am inspired with the inspirational videos you share regularly with me. With the help of coaching I am able to share what I learnt from Cheryl with other friends who may have been going through a difficult time in their career or personal lives. I would definitely recommend Cheryl to my friends and family members. They would be able to benefit from Cheryl’s knowledge. Cheryl is trustworthy and has a heart for helping others.
Michelle B

It was the first time I had attended a private coaching session, so I was not sure at first how it would be.

Quite a few things changed such as I pushed hard to get a junior support staff to handle a key account with me so I could focus on other different projects. I’ve spoken to the top management about my appraisal. It is very easy to communicate with Cheryl. Cheryl is focused and result oriented person who is not afraid to chase dreams and aspirations. And she passes on that way of thinking during interactions with her. The benefits I have got is it has helped me to become an organized person. I keep a reminder of the goals set and work towards achieving them.
Asima M

Cheryl’s warm nature and genuine empathy for her clients are her biggest strengths.

She is patient, listens well and is non-judgmental. Her vivacious disposition and a natural ability to put people at ease made me very comfortable. She also helped me shed a limiting belief I had about myself and motivated me to push the envelope regarding public speaking.I unhesitatingly recommend Cheryl to anyone who wishes to get a leg-up on any issue.
Neena Sharma
/ Associate Magazine Editor at The Gulf Today - Dar Al Khaleej

Cheryl has this contagious confidence in herself and the ability to build the same in you which makes you believe that you too can do it!

After just a couple of coaching sessions with Cheryl, I feel more determined to work towards my goal and felt positive to achieve them. I started working on the points we discovered during our sessions in their specific directions. There is a happiness in my overall mood and behavior.
Naman Rajvanshi
/ Sales & Operations Manager at Technauto

Cheryl is smart, a fast-thinker and just asks the right question at the right time.

After coaching with Cheryl, I felt energised and ready to face challenges with my chin up. If you are considering coaching with Cheryl, then be ready to discover yourself In a very dynamic conversation.
testimonial-007 (1)
Stefania Picheca
/ Director of Talent Management at TSA Solutions

Cheryl is result oriented. She will push you to your limits to get the results you want.

I was lost in what I wanted for my career. Cheryl helped me prioritize and see opportunities from a new, different perspective. If you want results and you have the willingness to explore your limits, hands down, Cheryl is the one.
testimonial-008 (1)
Karim Zayed
/ Specialist at Novartis Oncology

Cheryl has been my role model ever since I've met her. She's inspired me to better myself and improve my life by showing me it's possible.

Her character and life is a testament to how anything is possible if you have a dream and you work hard for it. She's one of the most positive people I have ever met, even in my lowest low her optimism makes me believe I can do anything. She recognized my strengths and made them even stronger, most importantly she made me believe in myself. The only advice I have to give to someone who is considering being mentored by Cheryl is that they should do it. She will make a difference and you will be the better for it.
Luma Iqbal
/ Student at Murdoch University - Bsc. Computer Science and Bsc. Business Information Systems

Cheryl has a number of strengths & abilities that make her a spectacular coach.

Some of them are: persistence, helping me break through self-imposed barriers, obtaining clarity and goal-setting. She empowered me to achieve my full potential by improving my motivation levels and bringing in an unprecedented level of consistency in my actions. If you are looking for real change, look no further!
testimonial-010 (1)
Fanika Nikic
/ Sales Manager at Azadea Group


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