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Private Coaching

This is for you if you are looking for dedicated, laser focus on an area of your life that you wish to make great. Cheryl thrives on working with clients who want nothing but the best - both, for themselves and from her. Here, the engagement will span from 3-12 months, with direct daily access to Cheryl. If you are looking for real, life transforming, permanent change, then this is what you are looking for.

Workshops & Mastermind Circles

Are you looking to experience the energy and knowledge Cheryl brings, but in a group setting? This is for you if you would like to learn and build a network of other likeminded, strong, supportive partners who will champion your progress, then this is for you! Whilst the workshops are organized at a physical location, the MasterMinds are online. Mastermind groups are restricted to keep the focus and ensure everyone gets equal attention. We usually have workshops and Masterminds in the following topics:

+ 3M: Master your Mind & your Money
+ Cracking the Career Code
+ Rise-Up: Women for Women

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Corporate Training

Cheryl has delivered Corporate trainings in corporates such as Oracle, National Paints. The topics she has trained on include Sales Mastery, Function of Treasury in a multi-national corporation, Operations Management, etc. To request to book Cheryl for a Corporate Training, please here

Speaking Engagements

Cheryl has given keynote speeches at Universities such as SP Jain School of Global Management, Skyline University. She has also addressed church groups on topics such as Financial Discipline and Keys to Career Success. To request to book Cheryl for a Corporate Training, please here


Financial Freedom
Do you now wish to stop working for money and have money work for you? Do you often get to the end of the month and wonder where your money has gone? Are you drowning in the quagmire of credit card debts and know that something needs to change? Then get in touch with me now. I have been a banker for nearly 2 decades, have cracked the code and am waiting to show you how you too, can become finanically free.
Life Control
Do you find yourself wanting to do more, live more meaningfully, give back to the world, but just haven’t been able to? Connect with me and we will shine the light on how you may manage your time and thus your life so that you live the life you want to live.
Career Mastery
Are you in a job that does not light you up, or in a career that you once loved but now wish to change? Or do you find yourself unable to advance in your career no matter what you do? Then chat with me and we will discover how you too can race through the corporate ladder.
Professional Trader
Are you a trader in the financial markets and are unable to remain consistently profitable? Perhaps you cannot stick to your rules or deal with the psychological impact of trading? Talk to me – I trade Forex and Futures markets – I have been through the same painful rite of passage and emerged victorious.
Life reboot
Are you at a stage where you feel like it is ‘now time’ to make a large change? Do you feel that there “there has to be more than this” and want to radically catapult all areas of your life? If you wish to disrupt the status quo,follow your passion, live life to the fullest, then contact me right away. I will be honored to guide you along your path to your most fulfilling life.
Woman Of Wonder
Are you an ambitious woman, who wishes to break through the proverbial glass-ceiling that is restricting your progress? Do you want it to be easier to ask for a raise or a promotion or be heard? Then grab a coffee with me! I have ‘been there, done that’ and am thrilled to help you learn the ropes. Let’s do this, sister!

How it works?

    • Private Coaching is usually done through face-to-face meetings or Skype. The structure is usually agreed mutually, however, will span from 3 – 12 months, depending on what the objective of the coaching engagement is.
    • If you are seeking to transform a single area of your life (finances/ career/ health), a three-month engagement may suffice. However, if you are seeking a life-transformational change, it may require a continued on-going engagement over six months or even years.
    • Your Partnership with Cheryl will begin with an initial 2-hour Deep Discovery session where you will uncover what you truly want, what held you back and begin discovering the path to get you where you want to be.
    • Every subsequent session will be for 2-hours, every alternate week. Cheryl strongly believes that a 2-hour session allows for true depth, clarity and discovery to be made.
    • By the end of your initial Partnership, you will of course, have the option to continue by extending your Partnership.
    • To request to Coach with Cheryl, please click here
    • These Masterminds are held online on Zoom, with 2-hour sessions held every two weeks.
    • The Mastermind usually runs for a span of 8 weeks.
    • In each session, there will be a lesson for the first 1-hour, which will be led by Cheryl. In the next hour, the participants will interact, share and engage with each other (structured interaction – guidelines provided at the Mastermind).
    • Usually each participant will have a “Buddy” – a partner from within the Group. Your Buddy will be your accountability partner and both of you will keep each other motivated by holding yourselves responsible to your commitments! This has one of the most surprisingly positive results 🙂 And you will usually make a really good friend for life!
    • To join one of the Masterminds, please click here


Do you want to change your life?